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NOTICE: Dickinson Township Residents will find a tax notice in their mail that reflects a newly adopted .75mill real estate tax for 2023. After several public meetings were held between the months of October through December of 2022 with a significant amount of public input, the Board of Supervisors levied the tax.

The tax will generate a steady income to offset inflation costs and allow for continued road work, payroll, park and recreation development, snow removal equipment and supplies, and overall continued maintenance and services to keep up with the steady growth of the Township. 

For more detailed information please review the Minutes from the Board of Supervisors public meetings. The Minutes can be found above under the Board of Supervisors Page.

Please feel free to contact the Township Manager, Larry Barrick Jr. with any questions.





The DTWP Park and Recreation Board is seeking one volunteer to serve on their Board.  Please contact the Township Office at (717) 486-7424 if you are interested in serving.